The Record

Claire Farn contacted the press last year concerned about a booked holiday, after Claire’s holiday at the House she wrote: Dear Robert, Just to say thank you, we all had a fabulous week at the dome house if you do continue to rent, …. we would all love to stay again Many thanks Claire.

The property did have issues with the biomass heating system at one point and a number of bookings had to be cancelled and refunded.

The neighbour started a boundary dispute about a fence in an adjacent woodland worth less than £5000, even though the fence was erected when we bought the house and land from her and this stood for 5 years without complaint. It turns out there was a discrepancy on the drawing prepared for the fence location, so we agreed to mediation and to redraw the boundary line giving away the land, which she pertained she wanted to keep as an ancient wood. The only problem was she had no win no fee solicitors and they wanted us to pay their £18000 fee’s, we couldn’t afford to do that; bearing in mind to that date we had spent £300 in our legal costs. We don’t owe the neighbour anything.